I would like to take this opportunity to pay Tribute to the late Rufino and Rosaria Gouveia, two special people that really meant a lot to me during the Fremantle Benfica, Fremantle City and Fremantle Beeliar days. These two special people were the Heart and Soul of our great Club they worked tirelessly for so many years giving their all to help our Club and our supporters achieve success on match days.
Rufino was the Gate Manager and probably one of the best at his job, he would control the people coming through the gate which included our players, the opposition players, coaching staff and all the supporters. If by any chance players and officials from the opposing team did not have match passes, he would not let them in till they produced a match pass, but our players and coaching staff were different because he would go by the team sheets that were provided to him. He gave his Heart and Soul to our Club for so many years and his commitment, passion, desire was truly unbelievable.
Rosaria was known as our Canteen Manager and what an absolute Champion she was, on gamedays she had that Canteen running so smoothly and her Customer Service was a joy to watch credit goes to Rosie and her staff for looking after everyone on match days. I remember being the Sports Trainer/ Physio at the start of every League game I would ask my nephew (SKINNER) to go to the canteen, and ask Rosie that (SKIP) would like a hamburger, chips and coke and Rosie’s response was no problem anything for my good friend (SKIP).
I remember when I use to have the Kingswood me, Rosie and Rufino would go to F.A.L in Canning Vale to stock up on goods for the canteen on Match days and also for soccer functions that our Club use to hold and to me it was an absolute pleasure to help them in any way I could. Also the time when we had the Junior Champions League in Beeliar, where there was only us three working very hard in the canteen to meet the needs of all the people that would come and support the Juniors, and I can Truly say that we didn’t let them down, and the feedback that we got back from the supporters was really heart-warming and it really made us proud that the job we doing for our Club was really worth it.
In closing I (Jose Skip Pereira) would like to say from the bottom of my heart a big thank you to the late Rufino and Rosaria Gouveia for what you guys did for our Great Club, your (PASSION, LOVE, DESIRE, COMMITMENT, GENOURISTY & HEART) Was truly amazing. I speak on behalf of everyone that was involved with our great Club all those years past, and everyone would speak very highly of Rufino & Rosaria and that goes to show that these two people were highly respected in our Club. It was and honour to call you my friends and also an absolute pleasure to have had you guys at our Great Club, I truly love, adore and miss you guys, you are both gone but not forgotten and thank you for the memories you both left behind. Hopefully one day if we ever get the soccer up and running in our new Club, I would like to put a proposal we name the canteen (ROSIES KITCHEN) and the gate (RUFINO’S PASS).
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